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Information and Communication Technologies SIG
Inactive. If you want to activate this SIG contact the VP Association Relations Albert K. Boekhorst


  • to facilitate discussion of the trends and developments in emerging technologies in education;
  • to assist members in sharing information about their implementation of the changing instructional technology in their programs;
  • to report on issues related to information technology which need to be discussed in the public forum.

Potential activities

  • provide information on current state-of-art internationally, with a focus on the critical evaluation of technology for supporting learning;
  • provide a forum for presentation and discussion of local problems related to establishing information technology networks in schools and their application to the curriculum;
  • provide examples of information technology policies in schools;
  • provide curriculum case studies of the development of critical and information literacies through information technology - including discussion of approaches and evaluation;
  • discuss process and issues related to professional development of classroom teachers;
  • identify sources of research related to the integration of information technology in the classroom;
  • discuss issues such as access, censorship, acceptable use policies, use of filters.

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