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School Libraries: Doorways to Life

2013 ISLM Participants - What People are Doing

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Elementary School Vladimir Nazor, Nevidane (Island of Pašman), Croatia (1)
Submitted By:  Nikolina Dolfic, School Librarian,

Nevidane (read:Nevijane) is situated on the island of Pašman (read: Pashman), which is a part of the Zadar archipelago. The island is connected by a regular ferryline from Zadar.  This Island and our little village is recognizable by olive trees and by our school – Elementary school Vladimir Nazor. School is attended by 136 pupils from 1st to 8th grade (pupils from 6 to 14 years old).

This year for the first time we become part of Bookmark project and we are very happy to co-operate with International British School from Lagos, Nigeria. In this project we involved 45 pupils from 5th to 8th grade and each pupil made his own bookmark. The idea was to present our country in the best way, so pupils drew some important people from Croatian history, cultural heritage and natural beauties of our country. We also learned a lot about Nigeria and pupils made posters about Nigeria and city of Lagos.

International School Library Month is almost at the same time like Croatian Book Month so this is most exciting and the most interesting month of the school year. We have a lot of extracurricular activities, workshops and fieldworks.  We organize quizzes, loud readings, art workshops, theater plays, we are watching movies and so on. During the ISL Month our school library is definitely most crowded place in the school.

We also made a short movie for our friends from Lagos. You can see it on this link:

Monte Zaro Primary School, Pula, Croatia (2)
Submitted By:  Dragica Pršo, Librarian,, Mirjana Ajhorn, English Teacher

In the occasion of the International Month of the School Libraries we have made workshops in the sixth grades. This year the topic was: School Libraries – Doorway to Life. The project has been successfully realized by the students, the English teacher and the school librarian.

We have made bookmarks with national motifs, such as  Glagolitic script, Croatian flag, chess-board, autochthonous plants and animals, historical monuments, etc.

We have shared our bookmarks with Collinstown Park Community College, Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland.

School Librarian's Association, Hungary

Submitted By: Veronika Kámán,

On the occasion of International School Library Month, School Librarian’s Association, Hungary (HSLA) announces the following contests:
        - "How I imagine a future school library in 50 year's time" (for students)
        - "Create a codex about your school library" (for students)
        - "How I teach the topic "library system" (for teacher librarians)

Also Hungarian Association of School Librarians calls for nominations to HSLA Commemorative Medal, given as an appreciation for prominent school librarians.  Announcement of the results and the introduction of winner competitors will take place on the Autumn Conference of the Association.  The Autumn Conference will be held in Budapest, at National Széchényi Library. For more information please visit or contact Mrs Szakmári Klára, President of HASL (


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