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William Clarke College

New South Wales, Australia

Our GiggleCritters

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Our Country

Australia is an island completely surrounded by water which means there are lots of beaches around the coastline. We have many native animals including the kangaroo, the koala, possums, emus, echidnas and the platypus.

We have a large coral reef called the Great Barrier Reef. Another famous place is Uluru which is a huge rock in the centre of Australia. We have deserts, rainforests, mountains and lots of natural bush. Some of our native plants are banksias, wattle and gum trees.

Our City 

We live in Sydney which is the capital of New South Wales. Sydney is awesome and is home to many famous tourist attractions like the Sydney Aquarium, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. We have a beautiful harbour with lots of ferries and sailing boats. On New Year’s Eve there is a massive fireworks display around the harbour. Many people know about Sydney because we hosted the Olympic Games in 2000.

Our Suburb

Kellyville is a suburb of Sydney. Kellyville has lots of shops and schools. There are also plenty of places to enjoy ourselves like football ovals and parks. Most of us live in one or two storey homes with gardens and backyards. The famous singer, Delta Goodrem lives in our area. Every year we have a country show called the Castle Hill Show where there are lots of animals and fun things to do. We also celebrate the Orange Blossom Festival.

Our School

Our school is called William Clarke College and it is located in Kellyville. We walk to school or come by bus or car. William Clarke College is a Christian school. There are 1400 students who go to our school. They are between 5 years and 18 years old.

Our school is a very friendly place where it is easy to make new friends and have a good time. There are lots of open spaces where we can play sport and relax at lunchtime. We go on camps and interesting excursions.


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