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Annual Conferences

2023 - Rome, Italy: Flourishing School Libraries:Research, Policy, and Practice

2022 - Hybrid - Columbia, South Carolina: School Librarianship and the Evolving Global Information Landscape

2021 - Virtual - Denton, Texas: A Rich Tapestry of Practice and Research around the World

2020 - Cancelled due to COVID.

2019 - Dubrovnik, Croatia: *Convergence, Empowering, Transformation: School Libraries

2018 - Istanbul, TurkeyInnovation, Information and Impact of School Libraries

2017 -  Long Beach, California, USA: Learning Without Borders

2016 - Tokyo, Japan: A School Library Built for the Digital Age

2015 - Maastricht, The Netherlands: The School Library Rocks: Living it, Learning it, Loving it

2014 - Moscow, Russian Federation: The School Library in the Knowledge Society: Use of Cognitive Technologies, Form Creative Person 

2013 - Bali, Indonesia: Enhancing Students’ Life Skills through the School Library

2012 - Doha, Qatar: The Shifting Sands of School Librarianship

2011 - Kingston, Jamaica: School Libraries: Empowering the 21st Century Learner

2010 - Queensland, Australia: Diversity Challenge Resilience - School Libraries in Action

2009 - Abano Terme, Italy: Preparing Pupils and Students for the Future - School Libraries in the Picture

2008 - Berkeley, California, USA: World Class Learning and Literacy through School Libraries

2007 - Taipei, Taiwan: Cyberspace, D-world, E-learning: Giving Libraries and Schools the Cutting Edge

- Lisbon, Portugal: The Multiple Faces of Literacy: Reading, Knowing, Doing

2005 -
Hong Kong, China: Information Leadership in a Culture of Change 

2004 - Dublin, Ireland: From Aesop to e-book: The story goes on...

2003 - Durban, South Africa: School Libraries: Breaking Down Barriers

2002 - Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: School Libraries for a Knowledge Society

2001 - Auckland, New Zealand: Inspiring Connections: Learning, Libraries and Literacies

2000 - Malmo, Sweden: Do You Read Me?

1999 - Birmingham, Alabama, USA: Unleash the Power -- Knowledge, Technology, Diversity

1998 - Ramat-Gan, Israel: Education for All: Culture, Reading, Information 

1997 - Vancouver, Canada: Bridging the Gap: Information Rich but Knowledge Poor?

1996 - Ocho Rios, Jamaica: Sustaining the Vision: School Library Imperatives for the 21st Century


1995 - Worcester, England: Sustaining the Vision

1994 - Pittsburgh, USA: Literacy, Traditional, Cultural, Technology

1993 - Adelaide, Australia: Dreams and Dynamics

1992 - Belfast, Northern Ireland: Towards the 21st Century: Books and$ for the Millenium

- Everett, USA: School Libraries in a Diverse World

- Umeå, Sweden: Bridging the Differences

- Petaling Jaya, Malaysia: School Library: Centre for Lifelong Learning

- Kalamazoo, USA: Great Expectations: Standards, Innovative Programs, and New Technology

- Reykajvík, Iceland: The School Library: Gateway to Knowledge

- Halifax, Canada: The School Library: Window on the World

- Kingston, Jamaica:Libraries and Information: Towards a Policy for Schools

- Honolulu, USA: School Libraries/Media Centers: Partners in Education

- Bad Segedburg, Germany: School Library: Centre of Communication

- Red Deer, Canada: Sharing: A Challenge for All

- Aberystwyth, Wales: School Libraries for All?

- Ciuda Guyana, Venezuela: Present Situation and Perspectives of School Library Services in Latin America and Other Regions

- Middlefart, Denmark: School Library: Children's Culture in the International Year of the Child

- Melbourne, Australia: The Democratisation of Education: Implications for School Libraries

1977 - Ibadan, Nigeria: School Libraries and Cultural Involvement

- Maryland, USA: Crucial Issues in School Library Development

- West Berlin, Germany: School Library: Role and Function

- Singapore: Developing School Libraries to Meet the Educational Needs of Students

- Nairobi, Kenya: School Libraries as a Basic Tool for Teaching

- London, England: First IASL Conference

- Kingston, Jamaica

Annual Regional Conferences

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