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Past Papers from IASL Conferences 

Past Papers recommended for Professional Development - Index

Papers selected by Jennifer Branch, Tom Kaun, Katy Manck and John Royce

Sustaining the Vision: A Collection of Articles and Papers on Research in School Librarianship, in Honor of Jean Lowrie – 1996– edited by Laurel A. Clyde, from School Libraries Worldwide

School Librarianship: International Issues and Perspectives – 1997 – edited by Ken Haycock and Blanche Woolls

Education for All: Culture, Reading, Information - 1998, IASL 29th Annual Conference and 2nd International Research Forum, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Information Literacy: Key to the Future – 2000, IASL 29th Annual Conference and 4th International Research Forum, Malmö, Sweden

Inspiring Connections: Learning, Libraries and Literacies - 2001 IASL 30th Annual Conference and 5th International Research Forum , Auckland, New Zealand

From Aesop to E-book: the story goes on… - 2004, IASL 33rd Annual Conference and 8th International Research Forum, Dublin, Ireland

Information Leadership in a Culture of Change - 2005, IASL 34th Annual Conference and 9th International Research Forum, Hong Kong

Cyberspace, D-World, E-learning: Giving libraries and schools the cutting edge - 2007, IASL 36th Annual Conference and 11th International Research Forum, Taipei, Taiwan

World Class Learning and Literacy through School Libraries - 2008, IASL 37th Annual Conference and 12th International Research Forum, Berkeley, CA, USA

School Libraries in the Picture: Preparing pupils and students for the future - 2009, IASL 38th Annual Conference and 13th International Research Forum, Padua, Italy

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