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42nd Annual Conference - Bali, Indonesia
"Enhancing Students’ Life Skills through the School Library"

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Research Forum Papers

- Collaborative Inquiry In Digital Information Environments: Cognitive, Personal And Interpersonal Dynamics, by Dr. Ross J. Todd and Punit Dadlani

“Learning to be a learner”: Teacher Librarians Striving to Teach Lifelong Skills, by Kasey L. Garrison

A Study on Establishing Competency Profile Standard of Teacher Librarian in Optimizing the Use of ICT in Secondary Level School Library, by Yooke Tjuparmah, Riche Cynthia Johan, and R. Nadia Hanoum

The Role of the National Institute of Library and Information Sciences to Empower Teacher Librarians in Sri Lanka, by Ranaweeragei Prasanna P.R.

What Teacher Librarians Need to Know about Science Information Literacy and Second Language Learners: What Quantitative Data Doesn’t Tell Us, by Patricia Montiel Overall

Core Interests of School Library Practitioner in Asia and Pacific Region: SLAP (School Library Initiatives for Asia & Pacific) Forum 2013 Report, by Yumiko KASAI, Leslie Maniotes, LIM Peng Han, and Susan La MARCA

The Social Role of the Librarians of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology, by Caroline da Rosa Ferreira Becker

Attitudes and Self-Perceptions of School Librarians in Relations to Their Professional Practices: a Comparative Study Between Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea, Taipei, and Japan, by Dr. Patrick LO, et al.

Issues in Teen Technology Use to Find Health Information, by Dr. Lesley Farmer

Building Healthy and Sustainable Communities for Youth: Life Skills, School Libraries, and Social Involvement, by Barbara Immroth and W. Bernard (Bill) Lukenbill

Reading Across the World: Developing Global Citizenship Through Translated Literature, by Kasey L. Garrison, Sue K. Kimmel, and Danielle E. Forest

Trend towards Integrating Information Literacy into the Curriculum and Its Implications to Academic Settings in Vietnam, by Pham Xuan Hoan

Zimbabwean School Libraries as Social Spaces: Empowering Students with Life- wide Skills in the New Millennium, by Collence.Takaingenhamo Chisita

- Creation and Use of Online Gateway for School Libraries from Free Web 2.0 Tools, by Marion Jude M. Gorospe

Investigating an International Exchange of Best Practices: An Institutional Ethnography Approach, Melissa P. Johnston, PhD

Jamaican School Libraries Empowering Students with Life Skills: A Survey

Library Lovers Build Community Relations: Student-driven outreach of library services, by Ayse Yuksel-Durukan

Building Interest in Agricultural Research Trough User Education Activities, Akhmad Syaikhu HS

Professional Papers

Building a Vibrant Future for School Librarians through Online Conversations for Professional Development, by Judy O’Connell

Curriculum, Culture and Community: The School Library and the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum, by Dr. Susan La Marca

eGaming? Seriously! for Information Literacy, by Dr. Lesley Farmer

- School Librarian’s Role Redefined: An Amazing Experience of Life, by Ms. Rashmi Kumbar Skills Teaching

Eagles not Pelicans: Equipping Students with Skills through School Library Programs to Fly into Their Future Lives, by Elizabeth Greef

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover! Using Human Libraries in Schools to Engage, Explore, Discover and Connect, by Kerry Pope

The Impact of School Libraries on Students Life Skills: The Kenyan Perspective, by Elizabeth Koimett

Inspired Learning in the Library, by Leonie McIlvenny

It Takes Courage to be an Independent Learner – Scaffolding and Unscaffolding the Enquiry Based Learning Process, by Robert A. George

Helping Students Achieve: A Teacher-Librarian’s Perspective on Supporting Student Goal Setting Programs, by Nerelie Teese

Empowering the Educational Magnificence of Students’ Life Skills through Library Web 2.0 Services, by Mohd Ismail Abidin, et al.

School Library eBook Providers and Linguistic Equity: An Analysis of eBook Collections Available to School Libraries, by Andrea Paganelli, Ph.D. MSLIS and Cynthia Houston, Ph.D. MSLIS

Enhancing Students HIV/AIDS PreventionSkills through a Graphic Novel, by Karen Gavigan, Ph.D. and Kendra Albright, Ph.D.

Supporting the Personal and Inter-Personal Skills of Global Citizens Through Fiction, by Barbara Reid and Siobhan Roulston

Effective Learning in the School Library: the Portuguese School Libraries’ Learning Standards Framework: Conception and Framing, by Ana Bela Pereira Martins, et al.

The Educational Roles of Primary and Secondary School Teacher- Librarians in Hong Kong, by Peter Warning, et al.

Cultural Arts in the Library: Students as Consumers and Creators, by Dr. Lesley Farmer

Empowering Students’ Abilities and Personalities through Student Librarians Programs, by Stefana Evi Indrasari, S.S.

Makerspaces@your School Library: Consider the Possibilities! by Cynthia R. Houston, Ph.D., MLIS

Using Mobile Devices as Effective Learning Tools in a Library Setting, Margo Pickworth 

The ghost of national final exams that (still) haunts the Indonesian school libraries’ information literacy activities and students’ reading interests: a preliminary study, by L. Sulistyo-Basuki

SL @Bibli8, What did we do for ISLM 2012, by Inez Kinanthi


School Libraries on the Agenda: An IFLA / IASL Project

The Virtual Learning Commons: A Facility Designed for Students to Experiment with Meeting the Challenges of Everyday Life and Learning, by David V. Loertscher and Blanche Woolls

Creating Buzan Mind Maps with Existing Knowledge – Developing Cognitive Skills for Teachers & Students, by Nerelie Teese

Developing Transliteracy Skills Continuums across the School; Led by the Library, by Stacey Taylor

- Becoming Your Own Best Advocate: Using Research of Persuasive Dan Influence, by Ken Haycock

Designing Guided Inquiry for Asian Context: "Waza for Learning" An Example in a Japanese K-12 School, by Carol Kuhlthau and Yumiko Kasai

My Book Buddy: A Special Children’s Library at School, by Cathy Spierenburg

“Cultivating 3Cs of students through the school library”: Turning theory into practice, 10 projects at G.D. Goenka world School, India, by Madhu Bhargava

- “What’s Luck Got to Do With It?” Wishes and Family Stories Spark Student Writing Through GiggleIT, by Katy Manck, Patricia Carmichael, and Barbara Combes

Bibliotherapy: Using Books and Stories for Growth and Healing, by Zarah C. Gagatiga

Approaches to the Teaching of Indonesian Literacy in the Primary Classroom, by Aprile F. Denise, et al.


Waza for Learning – Practice of Guided Inquiry Learning for a Student, by Yoko Noborimoto and Yumiko Kasai

The Power of Learning Resource Centre at Sekolah Ciputra towards Students' Growth, by Stefana Evi Indrasari

Service Repair Book In Library SMAN 9 Bandar Lampung In Preservation of Library Materials, by Arif Isnaini

The Role of School Librarians in Increasing the Reading Interest of Children Through Storytelling, by Evi Rosfiantika and Herika Rainathami

Pathways to effective school libraries in Samoa, by Rosa-Jane French 

The Role of School Library Support Centers in Enhancing Students’ Collaboration Skills through Group Reading, by Sachiko Adachi

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