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Nepal Police School is a non-profit making residential cum day-boarder school established on 25th March 2002 A.D. under the welfare program of Nepal Police Organization. The School runs from Nursery to class X in its own complex spread over nearly 5.5 Bighas of land donated by late Rup Narayan Sah and Ms. Pasupati Devi Sah. It has been time-honoured to a great admirable figure of Nepal, the former IGP (Inspector General of Police) Mr. Pradip Shamsher Rana by his unforgettable gift as the unique Land- Mark gift of Nepal Police to the People of Terai and Nepal at large. This school is linked with Birendra Highway 20 KM. South of Chandranigahapur municipality at the place called Garuda-8, Rautahat. This School has been established with the motto of providing quality education to the children of police personnel as well as the civilians of the nation. The school aims not only to produce academically sound scholars but also dutiful, disciplined, skilful and creative ideal citizens to the nation. With the grand and outstanding result from the time of its commencement and till the moments' uploads credibility in an academic arena to a greater extent

The school has four storage buildings painted with the beautiful yellow colour. There is one temple of Saraswati Mata look us and give us the fortune to kiss the door of success. There is one beautiful garden with different beautiful flowers where birds dance enjoying with its beauty. The school has also specified extra coaching classes. The poor and needy besides meritorious students are liberally given stipends and scholarship.

Our Community 

The community belonging to the school area covers the diversity in unity. The majority of Indo-Aryan is observed to the target population of the school and the aboriginal ethnic people like Tharu, Chaudhary who are supposed to have remained from the very beginning. Caste discrimination and its classification are in practice though no one should discriminate irrespective of their caste, ethnicity, race and so forth by the law of Nepal government. It can be observed in the society that on basis of what they were allocated their occupation at the beginning that is still primarily in practice. This community is mainly branched into four division; namely Brahmin, Chhetri, Baishya and Sudra.  Brahmins like; Jha, Tiwari, Pandey, Mishra etc; Chhetri like Yadav etc; Baishya like Sah, Teli, Jaiswal etc and Sudra like Paswan, Mushar and so forth.

The concept of caste system is taken for granted from the very beginning and things that have primarily undergone more or less the same. Brahmin people are supposed to have the scholastic task like learning, teaching, and office work; Chhetri people are supposed to join to a daring and military job, Baishya people are supposed to have a business and the Sudra people are supposed to have service-oriented and black coloured job. Having said that this is only the face values of the society in a majority of the cases but now the perception of the people is also changing and this is also not in an exception. Now no job is belonging to a certain community but people having either caste can operate whatever the task as per their knowledge and skill specifying.

Our Country - Nepal

The term Nepal been derived from 2 magic words Ne and Pala. A sage called Ne son of Lord Brahma lived in penance on the confluence of the Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers. His work is to protect the land. Nepal is the country of Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. It is the pleasure and privilege of having Mt. Everest, the crown of our motherland, the pinnacle of the world. It is a land-locked nation adjacent to China in the north and surrounded by India in the east, south, and west.  Geographically, Nepal has occupied its land area 1,47,181 sq. Km. Diversity in unity is the key to our cultural understanding. Our country bestowed with maximum natural cultural and natural decorum. Very few places on the earth can rival the beauty and reality of Nepal.

The people of this holy land are beautiful and gentle creations of God whose hearts are pure and filled with an eternal heroism and patriotism. Nepal is the holy land where Gautam Buddha; the light of Asia and a great Sage Valmiki were born. We are proud to have the Spring Babbler a bird that is found only in Nepal. We are extremely happy to have flora and fauna which are most eye-catching possessions of Nepalese. So far the water resource is concerned; it is the second largest country in the world. In line with this, school education should see the sights with a sense of brotherly understanding that is paramount. It is, therefore, Einstein brain should be combined with the Buddha’s heart to bridge the gap of misunderstanding for the potential goodness of one and all.

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