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Bridlewood Elementary School  Bridlewood Elementary School
Flower Mound is located between lakes Grapevine and Lewisville in Denton County, near Dallas and Fort Worth. Our town was so named because the large Mound was thought to be a sacred ground of the Wichita Indians and is covered with native wildflowers (Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets) between March and October.

Texas is in the south-central part of the US and is also largest state in the continental United States. Texas is nicknamed “The Lone Star State” as it used to be an independent republic.

Bridlewood Elementary is named for the Bridlewood subdivision and serves 530 students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Courses such as Physical Education, Art, and Music are taught along with the core of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Our mascot is a bronco horse. There are many after school activities that students participate in like Chess Club, Fillies dance team, Bridlewood Literary Society, Lego Club, Mad Science, Golf Club, Choir and Drama Club.

Our Projects

Lucky ’13 Texas Poems


Very lucky

By JLR and DNM

Taco – beefy meat covered in a tortilla that you can add spices to Tortilla (say tor-tia) – bread that is rolled up

Cowboy Hat

cowboy hat
lucky as gold

by AW and MH

Cowboy hat - a wide and tall that protects people from the sun

Lucky horseshoe
Lucky if upright
Unlucky if upside down
Used for games
Rusty brown and silver
In the dirt and ground
A stallion’s shoe
Protects a bronco’s hoof
Made of metal
Clipping and clattering…

by AS and LL

Horseshoe - a fabricated product of metal designed to protect a horse’s hoof from wear
Stallion/Bronco – other names for strong male horse
Hoof - the thick, hard material that covers a horse’s foot

My Chili Pepper

I wish I had chili pepper.
I wish I had water now!
I wish I had a magical wand
So I could teleport this taste out of my mouth.
I wish I had not ate that pepper…
But my sister said it was lucky.
I wish I hadn’t ate that
Because it tasted very funky!

By RS, ZB, and JG

Chili pepper – a small, hot-tasting pod (of capsicum) used dried and chopped in sauces and spice powders. Varieties range from mild to hot, including cascabels and jalapenos.

Lucky ’13 Texas Tales

The Lucky Bull Rider

It was 2013 and Tex was getting ready for a rodeo. He was not just watching – he was riding!

“Mom,” he yelled. “Should I report in sick?”

“Sure, honey, do what you want, but you won’t get any awards or anything,” was his mom’s answer.

As most people would be, Tex was nervous about riding the bull. Tex wanted to get a trophy, so he went.

His dad Tyler drives to Fort Worth to drop him off. Tex goes to the contestants area where he meets his bull, Spot.

There were many legends about this bull, bad legends! They were so bad Tex could not breathe!

But Spot wasn’t fierce at all – the legends were just to scare bull riders, but Tex didn’t know that.

When it is Tex’s turn, he felt like his stomach was going to fall out.

Finally, he was out of the cage. The bull starts bucking, but then he stops right in the middle of the arena and lays down!

Everyone laughs and Tex is humiliated, then joins in because he believed those legends.

Tex wins the Funniest Ride Award and hopes he can ride again.


Rodeo – an event where people compete by riding horses, bulls, and catching animals with ropes
Bull – a type of male cattle that bucks and jumps wildly when people ride it
Fort Worth – Texas USA city “where the West begins”
Bull rider – a person who tries to stay on bucking bull’s back for 8 seconds with no saddle
Arena – an area where sports are played

Chips and Salsa

One normal day in The Pantry in the period of Food (yummmmm!!!), two heroes were formed – one by peppers, garlic, salt and olive oil (named Salsa) and one by corn flour cooked to the perfect temperature and lightly salted (named Chips). Then they were united to do good - WA-CHAA!!!

Then one day, an evil avocado villain named Avokochio came to The Pantry. He started causing trouble – he spilled juice boxes and knocked over cereal. He was despicable!

Chips and Salsa noticed that Avokochio was causing trouble and went after him!

When they saw Avokochio, he tied them up with string cheese, but Chips sliced them out with his sharp, salty edges.

Salsa launched his peppers at Avokochio, but missed. The peppers bounced off the jelly jar, celery, and Rice Krispies treats, then hit Avokochio in the face and knocked him down!

The Pantry was saved from Avokochio! They turned him into Guac and made him their new sidekick – Chips and Salsa were heroes!

By MV and BF

Avocado – pear-shaped fruit originally from Mexico
Pantry – place where food is stored
Salsa – a dip made from peppers and a sauce
Guac – short for guacamole dip made from avocados
Celery – a green vegetable
Jelly – mashed sweet, sugary fruit spread
Rice Krispies treats – dried rice cereal mixed with melted marshmallows and sugar, cut into rectangles

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