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Digital Bookmark Exchange Project

The basic idea behind the Digital Bookmark Exchange Project is the same as that behind the Bookmark Exchange Project - except that the bookmarks exchanged are in digital form. The recipients have the option of printing off the digital bookmarks received or just distributing the bookmarks in digital form to participants.

The Digital Bookmark Exchange Project may be an option for schools that  find the postal costs involved in sending bookmarks by post prohibitive, or  that are located in areas where postal services are unreliable or unavailable. In addition, you may just simply prefer to get your students involved in an IT/digital project rather than one that requires more traditional skills and methods of work – if so the Digital Bookmark Exchange Project is for you!


This is a separate project to the Bookmark Exchange Project and schools must register separately for it by an online registration process.


The closing date for registering for the 2022 Digital Bookmark Exchange Project is: October 26, 2022.


The following information may be of use in completing your project:

The information in relation to the Bookmark Exchange Project applies equally to the Digital Bookmark Exchange Project, in particular points 2 – 10.

The following additional points relate specifically to the Digital Exchange:

1.    Each student creates his or her individual digital bookmark and all are emailed to the recipient school’s coordinator, or shared via an agreed method.

2.    To economize on paper and ink when printing, the recommended bookmark size is: 2 and a half by 8 and a half inches (6.5 cm x 21.5cm).

3.    Guidelines re-size for printing: if the bookmarks were printed horizontally and the size was 2 and a half by 8 and a half inches (6.5cm x 21.5cm) that would be 4 bookmarks per page.

4.    Using pastels or black and white will save on colour ink when printing. Recipients may wish to have the option of colouring in the bookmarks they receive in which case black and white is recommended.  When you are partnered you can check out whether your partner school would prefer this option.

5.    When you are assigned your partner/s, partner schools should discuss and agree the best way that suits both for the medium in which bookmarks will be made and the format in which they will be exchanged

6.    Some options for creating the bookmarks are MS Word, MS Paint etc.

7.    Some options for sharing the bookmarks are Google Drive, Dropbox or a document attached to an email

If for any reason you need to contact the coordinator about your participation in the project after your group/s have a registration form line reference, please include that in any emails to the coordinator.  This is for greater clarity and helps to reply more promptly to you.

Digital Bookmark Exchange Project Coordinator: Dr. Chhavi Jain


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