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Assembly of Associations

  • The purpose of the Assembly is to provide a forum for Association members to share common problems and mutual interests in the promotion of school librarianship. While the possibility of joint action in research and other projects may be explored, the main focus is dialogue.
  • Each Association must complete an application form indicating the name and address of its Representative to the Assembly meeting.
  • Each Assembly Representative must pay the appropriate IASL Conference fee to register for the Assembly meetings.
  • The presiding officer of the Assembly is the Vice-President -- Association Relations. Resolutions proposed by the Assembly are presented by the Vice-President to the General Assembly of IASL for consideration.

Assembly Representatives

  • Each Representative is invited to extend Association acknowledgment at the conference. As the name of each Association is called, the Representative will come forward to present a national or regional flag which will remain on display during the Conference. The flag should be approximately 8 x 11 inches (29 x 39 centimeters) for table display.
  • At the first Assembly session, each Representative will be given the opportunity to present briefly the highlights of Association activities during the preceding school year. The report should stress the most important matters affecting the development of school libraries in that particular country or region.
  • Each Representative should submit in writing a one page report of Association activities which may be published in the Assembly's Communiqué. Included in the report should be the name and address of the Association and the name of the Representative who submits it. A format for the report will be available in advance of the conference in sufficient time to give members an opportunity to submit a written report according to the suggested guidelines.
  • The report should be sent to the Vice-President—Association Relations in advance of the Conference. If no Representative is present, the report will be presented to the Assembly by the Vice-President and considered for inclusion in the Communiqué.
  • Representatives may also be asked to participate in a closed session to discuss matters submitted to the presiding officer for the agenda.

Observer Status

  • Individuals from Associations which are not current members of the Assembly may request permission to participate as observers.
  • Observers may present greetings and reports to the Assembly, and their reports submitted in writing will be included in the Assembly's Communiqué.
  • Observers are not eligible to vote at the closed sessions of the Assembly but, with the permission of the presiding officer, they may speak.

Assembly of Associations Communiqué

The Communiqué is compiled by the Vice-President—Association Relations and distributed to all Assembly members without charge. It is also distributed to all observers at the Assembly who have registered for the Conference and a synopsis is available in the Newsletter.

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