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International School Library Month

October is International School Library Month (ISLM), an annual celebration of school libraries worldwide. Find ways you can lead the celebration participate and advocate for the importance of school libraries, library professionals, and the students that make them great!

ISLM 2023

The 2023 theme for ISLM is The School Library: My Happy Place where Creativity and Imagination flourish." It is based on the 2023 IASL Conference theme “Flourishing School Libraries: Research, Policy and Practice”. There is no denial to the fact that school libraries open the doors of adventure and magical places for children. They make friends with books, learn about different cultures, interact with other readers and form lifelong bonds. Besides providing children with a cheerful environment, libraries also nurture them at a young age, from exploring to discovering new worlds, from imagination to creativity, until they become voracious readers and thinkers. So libraries do not just educate young readers but also foster their ideas and creativity. 

Let’s celebrate 'International School Library Month 2023' by appreciating school libraries for making a significant contribution to the community. This year, we are inviting participants to come up with creative ideas and activities to mark the global reading celebration. We believe that the chosen theme is suitable for all participants (aged 3 to 20 years). We invite participants to join us in celebrating ISLM 2023 by engaging in projects and activities that explore and convey this year's subject. We hope that ISLM 2023 will be a wonderfully creative, imaginative worldwide celebration of the school library. The subject can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but it underlines the vital role of school libraries in the lives of young children

The ISLM team facilitates several activities that you might like to participate in as part of the celebration and no doubt you will also have your ideas for how best to make the most of ISLM in your libraries.

ISLM is open to everyone, whether you are a member of IASL or not, so spread the word and start gearing up for an exciting time with ISLM this October! And remember, you can share your fantastic ISLM experiences with everyone by sending written testimonies and photos to our WhatPeople Are Doing for ISLM'' page.


For general queries about ISLM, please contact me at:


The ISLM Team is a group of volunteers who are passionate about school libraries and have joined the ISLM Committee to promote International School Library Month. These library enthusiasts collaborate and share best practices to plan, design and execute the successful implementation of ISLM Projects at various levels. We welcome queries about new members at any time and are particularly seeking members from countries not represented by current members. We look forward to working with you to make your ISLM a successful and fun event this year.


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Yours sincerely,

Ramandeep, Chairperson, ISLM 2023

Your 2023 ISLM Team: Ramandeep (India), Breege O’Brien (Ireland) Dr. Luisa Marquardt (Roma, Italy), Francie Ingram (USA), Sunita Malekar (India), Hosea Tokwe (Zimbabwe), Dr. Chhavi Jain (India), Seema Satti (India), Inez Kinanthi (Indonesia), Abha Singh (India), Orlova Svetlana (Russia), Jerry Mathema (Zimbabwe), Dr. Mayasari Abdul Majid (Malaysia), Valentina Blaskovic (Croatia), Lydia Dinah Rignace (Island of Seychelles)

BOOKMARK EXCHANGE PROJECT: 2023 Match with other schools around the world and exchange homemade bookmarks made by your students. Bookmark exchanges are made by post. 2023 registration is now open.

DIGITAL BOOKMARK EXCHANGE PROJECT: 2023 - Match with other schools around the world and exchange homemade bookmarks made by your students. Bookmark exchanges are virtually. 2023 registration is now open.

VIRTUAL CONNECTIONS AROUND THE WORLD PROJECT: 2023 -  Would your students like to talk to others in a faraway country during International School Library Month? The trick is finding someone in a time zone where you can link up via Skype/ Zoom or MS Teams. Connect your classroom with other students around the world through Skype/ Zoom/ MS Teams. 2023 registration is now open.


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What People are doing for ISLM-Submit your "What people are doing" report by December 20, 2023.

Isn’t it fun to talk about your creative work with others? Isn't bringing stories to life a joyful experience ? How exciting it is to listen to the tales woven around the world! So, we encourage the participants to tell us about their journey of doing this activity through a short video of about 1 to 2 minutes. We would love to know more about you and your work.  So, kindly mention your name, name of the school, grade, describe your artwork, and include a little message for ISLM.



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