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IASL Procedures & Guidelines (Handbook of Organization)

Procedures: Awards & Grants

General Guidelines

Full details of the international awards made annually by IASL are provided in the IASL International Awards Program section of the IASL website, along with the Guidelines for Application.


Support-a-Member (SAM) Program

Contact: IASL Secretariat

The Support-a-Member Program is a gift program designed to make it possible for school librarians, teacher-librarians, library assistants and others interested in school library service who are living in third world countries to belong to the International Association of School Librarianship.

This membership is granted for a three-year term, within the total funds allowed by the annual budget; typically, three or four are granted each year.

This fund is supported by financial contributions of any amount sent to the Secretariat.

A full membership of US$50 ensures member materials and services. If desired, the gift may be designated for a particular individual, school, association, or country.

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