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IASL Procedures & Guidelines (Handbook of Organization)

Procedures: Publications


  • All requests for reprints and translations will be directed to the Secretariat.
  • The Association reserves the right to reprint materials from its own publications in its own publications, including compilations and translations. Ownership is otherwise shared by the Association and the author for articles and conference papers.
  • Duplication for private study and research is authorized with appropriate acknowledgment of the source.


  • Advertisements for products and services consistent with the IASL goals and objectives will be sought for IASL publications, including the newsletter, journal and web site.
  • Limits will be set at two pages maximum for the newsletter and four pages maximum for the journal. Preference is for full page or half page advertisements. Advertisements will not break the text of articles.
  • Complimentary advertisement space of one page for each issue of the journal and newsletter will be provided to the IASL publisher/distributor. Camera ready copy will be provided by the publisher.
  • Ad rates will be set by the Advertising Manager in consultation with the Executive Director. Billing and invoicing will be handled by the Secretariat.

Conference Proceedings

  • A selection committee will be established; All papers must meet the deadline for submission. Copy of the abstract will be sent to the committee. The committee will also receive copies of all papers before the conference begins.
  • Conference papers must relate to the theme, integrate with other papers on conference theme, present information applicable to a large percentage of IASL members, present new information or information unique for IASL members, adhere to proposed length, wide representation from variety of countries, and be relevant to an international audience.

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