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IASL Procedures & Guidelines (Handbook of Organization)

Procedures: Role of Regional Directors, Regional Associates

Role of Regional Directors:

  • to represent the IASL board and its officers in the director's area of origin, by providing a focus for IASL to which liaison and queries can be more immediately directed (the IASL director should receive complimentary copies of association newsletters and journals in the region);
  • to be aware of current concerns and needs in the area represented and to relay this information to the President as well as programs and projects which the organization should undertake, items for Board meetings, themes for future conferences, etc.;
  • to publicize the work of IASL as actively as possible in their regions through membership drives, sale of publications and general visibility at local, regional and national meetings of library and educational associations;
  • to be accountable in this work by providing copies to the IASL Secretariat of all articles regarding the IASL that have been published in state/national newsletters/journals;
  • to help achieve the mission of contributing to and sharing in world communication in the field of school librarianship, the area director should work towards the establishment/creation of IASL liaison within each member provincial or state/national teacher/school librarian association. The duties of that IASL liaison person would be: to see that a copy of each issue of the state/national teacher ­librarians' newsletter/journal is sent to the editor of the IASL Newsletter; to organize the writing of, and the sending of the association¹s annual report for inclusion in the Assembly of Associations Communiqué; to encourage the regular payment of association dues to the IASL for all countries in region; to notify the area director of participation in the annual IASL conference by area representatives;
  • to give whatever assistance they can to the solicitation/collection of membership fees in their area;
  • to attend IASL Board meetings and the annual conference as regularly as possible;
  • to develop and work closely with a network of Regional Associates; and
  • to regularly report to the editor of the IASL Newsletter.

Regional Associates

This program is designed to assist in supporting and in collaborating with Regional Directors to identify contact persons in their countries, states, provinces or regions who are or will become IASL members to be designated a "regional associate". The Associate will: 

  • assist the Director of the region and through regular reports of local news for the Newsletter; 
  • assist in advertising IASL locally; 
  • assist in recruiting membership for the association; 
  • assist in organizing events with the Director to raise the visibility of IASL in local area, e.g. speakers, workshops, collaboration with local conferences; 
  • advise the board on programs to be initiated, especially in developing areas; 
  • attend a meeting of regional associates with directors at the IASL conference whenever possible.

Adopted: 1992.

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