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What People Are Doing for ISLM 2020

School libraries around the world hold many fun, exciting and educational activities during ISLM each year. Share what you have been doing in your school library and school community for ISLM 2020 by submitting a written piece or photos or both to be uploaded to the “What People Are Doing for ISLM 2020” page.   This is open to all who participated in any way in ISLM. In particular, this year, we would like to hear how you and your students celebrated the link between books, reading, school libraries, imagination, good health and well being.  


Submission guidelines:

Written pieces to be submitted in Word (Times New Roman, 12 point). Photos in JPEG format. 

At the top of your written piece, or accompanying photos if you are submitting photos only, give the following information:

- Country

- Name 

- Position 

- Organization


Submissions should be sent as attachments by email to: 


Chairperson ISLM

Use the subject line: Report on “What People Are Doing for ISLM”.


For the content and layout of submissions from previous years see the links to project reports from previous years at the top of the home page.  A separate link will be provided for project reports from 2020 to which reports will be added as they come in up to submission deadline.


Deadline for submissions: December 13, 2020


Please adhere fully to the guidelines for submitting reports. Failure to do so may result in delays in having your report uploaded, or in not having it uploaded.


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