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IASL School Librarianship Award

Recipients of this award are recognized by the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) for their contribution to the national development of school libraries and services within their own country or internationally. There is no monetary recompense for this award. There may be more than 1 recipient. Recipients must be individual members of IASL.

This award is announced at the beginning of International School Library Month (October) annually. The award is the premier recognition of services to school libraries internationally.

Guidelines for Nominations

Nominations for this award are due August 15 of each year.

Criteria that must be included in the nomination are:

  • The nominator for this award must be a member of IASL;
  • The nominee must be a member of IASL;
  • Evidence of high quality recognition should be addressed in at least 3 of the following areas:

    1. Organization of professional development for school libraries nationally or internationally;
    2. Articles published in journals on school libraries;
    3. Presentations at regional, national, or international conferences or professional development activities;
    4. Documented research on school libraries;
    5. Establishment of a teacher librarian network or school library association.

  • Include up to 3 referee statements attesting to the nomination.
Send competed nomination forms and related documentation to the IASL Secretariat (attachments to email preferred), on or before August 15:

International Association of School Librarianship
P.O. Box 684
Jefferson City, MO  65102
Fax: 1-573-635-2858

Download Nomination Form

The nomination form is available as a Microsoft Word document.

Timeline and Procedures

August 15: Nominations due. Please send by email attachment.
August 17: Applications distributed to selection panel.
  • Selection panel consists of Awards Chair, Executive Secretary and the President or the President's nominee.
  • The selection panel may need to contact the nominee for clarification or further explanation.
September 15: Awards Chair notifies IASL Secretariat of recommendation(s).
October 1: IASL distributes all certificates to nominator / recipient for promotion within recipient's country and announces awardee(s) to media and through IASL website in concert with International School Librarians Month.

Responsibilities of the nominator/awardee:
  • Arrange any translations required of both the application and media releases.
  • Identify the appropriate press or media outlets in the recipient's country and send the contact details to the IASL Secretariat.
  • Organize an awards presentation event in the recipient's country, if desired.
Responsibilities of IASL Secretariat:
  • deliver certificate to the nominator (or recipient) together with a citation;
  • send a letter to the recipient's employer notifying the organization of the prestigious award and thanking the employer for their encouragement of the profession;
  • develop a media release and send to the nominator; and
  • post the announcement and citation with a photo of the recipient to the IASL website.

Past Award Recipients

  • 2016 S.L. Faisal (India)
  • 2012 Nancy Everhart, Ph.D, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (USA)
  • 2011 John Royce (Turkey)
  • 2010 Dr. Mihaela Banek Zorica (Croatia)
  • 2009 Maria Jose Vitorino (Portugal)
  • 2008 Prof. Bernadete Campello (Brazil); Dr. Dana Dukic (Hong Kong); Luisa Marquardt (Italy); and Jane Viner (Australia)

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