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Findings: Alliance between the university library and high school libraries could help to prepare incoming university students to develop adequate information literacy skills.

Abstract: Informal observation by University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona librarians and anecdotal evidence from UWI faculty suggested that information literacy (IL) skills among students at the UWI Mona are inadequate for university level. Recognizing the needs of university undergraduates as well as the constraints and challenges school librarians face, the authors of this paper propose a forging of IL alliances between the UWI library and high school libraries. The study draws on three recent cases of collaboration between the UWI Mona library and high schools that could be expanded into such alliances. The paper can be divided into two broad sections. The first examines the problem of inadequate IL skills among incoming students; the second discusses in some detail the collaboration. See:

George, V. and Kerr, P. (2003). IL alliances: University and high school libraries working together for life-long learning. In S. Zinn, G. Hart and E. Howe (Eds.) School libraries: Breaking down barriers (pp.206-218). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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