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Findings: Teachers and learners can be encouraged to make use of the community library's services and facilities to strengthen both teaching and learning.

Abstract: According to estimates by Statistics South Africa, only 33% of learners in the Limpopo Province have access to a functional school library or media centre. This has been regarded as one of the main factors which have contributed to the province consistently producing one of the lowest pass rates in comparison to its counterparts. While there was enthusiasm amongst some teachers that establishment of the Seshego Community Library would bring some relief to educators, some teachers and learners were not as enthusiastic and receptive to the new Community Library. This paper explores some of the barriers inherent in introducing a library to a community unaccustomed to library access and making it an integral part of the teaching and learning program. See:

Maepa, E. and Mhinga, R. (2003). Integrating a community library into the teaching and learning program of local schools: Experiences from Seshego community library, South Africa. In S. Zinn, G. Hart and E. Howe (Eds.) School libraries: Breaking down barriers (pp.270-279). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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