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Findings: Researchers and school personnel can attain a mutually beneficial relationship. The benefits are not always immediate, but in the fullness of time the research can be a valuable tool for the school librarian, the library and the school.

Abstract: This paper focuses upon the relationship between research and practitioner, and discusses the mutual benefits to each. Murrayıs doctoral research used case study as a primary research technique. One of the case study schools was Essendon Keilor College in Victoria, where Bugg was then head of Curriculum Resources. The authors realised the benefits of working together and felt that it was important to communicate to others how the process worked. The paper discusses the factors that contributed to the development of an excellent working relationship between the research team and the school library staff. Methods of effective communication, provision of feedback and dissemination of research results throughout the school are also described. See:

Murray, J. and Bugg, B. (2002). Real world research -- Using collaboration between researcher and practitioner to maximize research outcomes. In D. Singh, A. Abdullah, S. Fonseka and B. de Rozario (Eds.) School libraries for a knowledge society (pp. 91-97). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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