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Findings: School librarians by and large see most activities as having significance for the promotion of culture. However, not so many see it as the school library's responsibility to organize these activities and there are not so many of these activities actually taking place in the school library.

Abstract: This research project concerns the cultural dimension of the Danish school library. It consists partly of a theoretical section, in which I try to discover how the school library can contribute to the cultural education of students. It also consists of an empirical section, in which the researcher tries to sketch a picture of school librarians' perception of their own practice as cultural intermediaries. Discussion on one of the questions from a questionnaire used in a survey carried out in the autumn of 2001 that addressed activities organized to process culture through the school library is also presented. See:

Jorgensen, T. (2002). The cultural dimension of school libraries in a knowledge society. In D. Singh, A. Abdullah, S. Fonseka and B. de Rozario (Eds.) School libraries for a knowledge society (pp. 111-119). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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