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Findings: The Information Literacy Handbook represents a holistic, cross curricular approach to information literacy instruction. Teacher-librarians collaborated with teachers to restructure the teaching/learning process for student-centred and independent learning.

Abstract: The authors review and provide findings from a collaborative action research project in a large private school. The purpose of the study was to implement actions to facilitate a holistic approach to information literacy, and to embed information literacy within teaching units in the school. A second aim was to benchmark best practice. The research took the form of a situation analysis and individual case study "units". The experience has created awareness among teaching staff of techniques and resources to improve the information literacy process amongst students and of the potential role of the library in collaborative practices. See:

Henri, J., Boyd, S. and Eyre, G. (2002). Sculpting an information literate school community: Looking for touchstones. In D. Singh, A. Abdullah, S. Fonseka and B. de Rozario (Eds.) School libraries for a knowledge society (pp. 121-141). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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