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Findings: School libraries are either inadequate, in decline, or totally lacking in South African schools.

Abstract: The government of South Africa has committed itself towards the obliteration of poverty and to achieve social and economic development. A national policy is generally motivated by public and political party concerns and legislation is passed as the best option to meet the ideal set by the government for the issues on hand. Within modern society, education can be linked to national development. School libraries form an integral part of the modern approach to teaching and learning. School library development in South Africa is shown to be problematic in a number of ways. Similar problems exist in other African countries. See:

Arnold, A. (2002). National information policies -- a comparative study with particular reference to South Africa and school libraries. In D. Singh, A. Abdullah, S. Fonseka and B. de Rozario (Eds.) School libraries for a knowledge society (pp. 169-179). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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