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Findings: There is insufficient provision of HIV/AIDS information resources in the school libraries in Botswana.

Abstract: HIV/AIDS has affected history in a uniquely global manner. Sub-Saharan Africa has been very hard hit, Botswana the hardest hit. The onslaught of this viral war is being counteracted from many battlefronts. The study examines data from 20 of Botswana¹s educational libraries to determine how much, and to what extent they are providing information on HIV/AIDS in varied formats. The finding reveals that there is very little information provision. In the assessment of the librarians, they are doing what they can with what little is available. The study concludes with a cry for better co-ordinated effort perhaps regional in scope. See:

Baffour-Awuah, M. (2002). The fight against HIV/AIDS: Are the school libraries at the battle front? In D. Singh, A. Abdullah, S. Fonseka and B. de Rozario (Eds.) School libraries for a knowledge society (pp. 329-340). Seattle: International Association of School Librarianship.

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