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Findings: Beliefs of principals and teacher librarians about the role of the principals were well aligned; principals and teacher librarians differed most on their current and future perceptions of the role of the principal in advocating and facilitating the development of an information-literate school community; principals and teacher librarians informing new teaching staff about the importance of collaboration with the teacher librarian.

Abstract: This is an international study of the principalšs role in developing and supporting school library programs which was conducted in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Scotland and South Korea. The study provides information for principals and teacher-librarians in countries throughout the world that might inform their efforts to develop information-literate school communities. Principals and teacher-librarians completed three survey instruments: a. participant demographics; b. the participants' perceptions and beliefs about the principals, current and future roles; and c. the participants' views on such concerns as the strengths and challenges of the school librarian, the contributions of teacher-librarians to teaching and learning, the nature of information litery and barriers to integration of information skills. See:

Henri, J., Hay, L.& Oberg, D. 2002. An international study on principal influence and information services in schools: Synergy in themes and methods. School Libraries Worldwide, 8(1), 49-70.

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