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Findings: The intranet in Scottish schools is leading to increased variation in the role of the school librarian. The school librarian seems to have a range of roles, including builders/designers, managers, mediators and packagers, creators of unique content, trainers and information skills supporters.

Abstract: A growing number of Scottish education authorities are providing intranet technology to schools. This article is based on grounded research investigating the role of the school librarian within an intranet environment. The evidence suggests that despite a lack of expectation by school library services and authority intranet officers, school libraries are taking on roles of intranet building, management and content creation. It appears that far from distancing librarians from traditional areas of interest, their involvement in the intranet has promoted their relationship with whole-school resourcing and literacy support. Despite evidence that recent graduates are more likely to take on roles with the intranet, it is shown that a key factor is the attitude of the librarian and linking of the intranet to resource provision.

Carter, Maureen. 2002. The connecting school and the Intranet librarian. School Libraries Worldwide, 8(2), 51-64.

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