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Findings: Providing ample access to interesting reading materials fosters engagement and increased time spent reading. This increased time may, in turn, make a difference to reading growth. Investment in the school library could also affect student achievement particularly for low income students. Enlarging and re-stocking the school library may serve as the first in a cascade of changes that positively affect student engagement in reading.

Abstract: By spring, 2003, The Wonder of Reading, a non-profit organisation, had partnered with 100 Los Angeles area elementary schools to implement their 3R Programme: Renovate, Restock, and Read. The study examined the impact of The Wonder of Reading Programme in selected schools as perceived by administrators, teachers, library staff, and parent. Further, the study examined variations in perception by role and by school characteristics. Participants perceived that the project led to a cascade of changes in practices, policies, and attitudes impacting student access to print, engagement in reading, and student achievement. See:

Robertson, M.N. (2004). Participants' perceptions of the impact of the Wonder of Reading programme. In P. Moore, E. Howe, R. Lonsdale, R. McChaon & D. Singh (Eds). IASL Reports: From Aesop to e-book: The story goes on (pp. 84-93). Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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