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Findings: Effective school libraries play a role in reading literacy development, an enjoyment of reading and an active engagement in reading for many students. However, there is considerable room for improvement. Specific issues on the role of the school library in reading literacy at the secondary level and in preparing school librarians to foster inclusive literacy communities need to be addressed.

Abstract: This paper reports on some of the findings of a large research project undertaken in 2002-2003 in Ohio, USA. The findings of this study are numerous, and this paper specifically focuses on some of the 10,316 stories told by 13,123 students in relation to reading. The findings present a multi-faceted picture of the school library's role in the fostering of reading literacy. The study raises some significant challenges for all school librarians, and provides an invitation to reflect on, critique and re-engineer services to ensure the library's role in reading literacy development is a powerful and visible one. See:

Todd, R.J., Kuhlthau, C. & Tepe, A.E. (2004). 13,000 students of Ohio tell their story: "Yeah, the school library rocks" In P. Moore, E. Howe, R. Lonsdale, R. McChaon & D. Singh (Eds). IASL Reports: From Aesop to e-book: The story goes on (pp. 94-108). Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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