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Findings: Indicators of student learning identified by librarians in this study cover similar aspects of learning already identified in other studies and did not substantially change after reading research literature. However challenges were raised around ensuring that indicators do represent what is intended, and what indicates actual learning and how cognitive learning, in terms of subject understanding and increased knowledge, can or should be captured by librarians. Participants' reflections on evidence from research and action was seen to begin an iterative process of action, understanding, reviewing, revision and modified action and contributes to the whole process of professional learning.

Abstract: This paper discusses a small study in which six secondary school librarians were asked to identify and describe incidents of student learning during or after curriculum-related, library-based activities. The participants were asked to repeat the exercise after reflecting on potentially relevant research articles, standards and learning frameworks. The study builds upon existing research examining student learning in the school library and explores the connections between student learning and evidence-based practice. The findings are expected to contribute to our understanding of how librarians use indicators of learning and librarians' own learning in relation to the experience of looking at student activity and progress. See:

Wavell, C. (2004). School librarians' experiences of looking at student learning. In P. Moore, E. Howe, R. Lonsdale, R. McChaon & D. Singh (Eds). IASL Reports: From Aesop to e-book: The story goes on (pp. 109-120). Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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