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Findings: Librarians, teachers, and principals rated the main obstacles facing high school teacher librarians as (1) scarcity of resources and manpower, (2) inadequate professional training, and (3) principals' and teachers' lack of awareness and recognition of the importance of the library.

Abstract: One objective of a national study was to identify main barriers to high school librarians in carrying out their role. Questionnaires were mailed to librarians, teachers, and principals in a cluster sample of 234 schools (one-third the target population) resulting in 137 usable questionnaire (58.5%). Findings showed that all three groups of respondents rated the obstacles similarly -- resources, training, and perception of role. Recommendations include promoting understanding of the role of the teacher library and school library program, adding personnel positions in school libraries, and emphasizing technological topics in library education programs. See:

Anzenberg, D, and Yitzhaki, M. (2005). Factors hindering high school library success as viewed by librarians, teachers, and principals in Israel. In S. Lee, P. Warning, D. Singh, E. Howe, L. Farmer and S. Hughes (Eds.) IASL Reports 2005: Information leadership in a culture of change. Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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