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Findings: Teacher educators who collaboratively planned a new course experienced issues concerning fear and risk-taking, control, course content, process, and the possibilities for positive change.

Abstract: This paper presents findings from initial interviews of instructors who collaboratively planned a new multi-disciplinary course intended to prepare new teachers for teaching in today's ever changing environments. The interviews were the first part of an action research cycle that follows students and instructors through the initial implementation of the course. The paper discusses the collaborative process and highlights five themes that emerged from the interview data. Through studying the implementation of this complex course, the research provides information to improve the course and offers models for others involved in such a process. Recommendations for teacher educators and teacher librarians involved in collaboration are offered.See:

Branch, J., Macy, L., Mclay, J., Leroy, C (2005). Collaborative planning and team teaching in a large lecture hall: Modelling leadership for change. In S. Lee, P. Warning, D. Singh, E. Howe, L. Farmer and S. Hughes (Eds.) IASL Reports 2005: Information leadership in a culture of change. Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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