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Findings: The addition of a School Library Coordinator position in a school district in Japan improved the functions of school libraries by coordinating the work of teacher librarians, public librarians and community volunteers.

Abstract: This study focuses on the role of the newly created position of school library coordinators in one school district in Japan. Data consisted of regular reports written by the school library coordinators, observations and interviews. Although results showed that the school library coordinator position was successful, there is potential for more efficient performance by library coordinators in collaboration with teacher librarians. See:

Masuda, K. (2005). The introduction of school library coordinators to assist teacher librarians: A grass roots challenge for local government in Japan. In S. Lee, P. Warning, D. Singh, E. Howe, L. Farmer and S. Hughes (Eds.) IASL Reports 2005: Information leadership in a culture of change. Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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