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Findings: In order to better capture the complexity of the learning and research process, an Internet-based alternative authentic assessment tool was developed in this project. The indicators used in the tool represent both content knowledge and information skills -- and are aligned with AASL's standards for information literacy skills.

Abstract: Standard assessment tools are not dynamic enough to align with the real world experiences of learners exercising information literacy skills. In this study, an information infrastructure was designed for students to use to describe their learning activities. These written, student-generated items become part of a student's portfolio and provided rich and detailed evidence of their learning process and areas of needed instructional support. Examples of two students' portfolios are presented. See:

Robins, J. and Snow, J. (2005). Using portfolio items to assess information literacy. In S. Lee, P. Warning, D. Singh, E. Howe, L. Farmer and S. Hughes (Eds.) IASL Reports 2005: Information leadership in a culture of change. Erie, PA: International Association of School Librarianship.

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