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Findings: Observations of adult learners engaged in the research process identified their skills, attitudes and knowledge as based on Kuhlthau's information seeking process model.

Abstract: This article aims to gain a greater understanding of information literacy as it is put into practice by library science students in Brazil. It shows how library science students accomplish tasks assigned by their professors. It is based on Kuhlthau's studies on the process of information seeking. An attempt was made to identify skills, attitudes and knowledge related to the development of the various stages of the process. In addition, aspects that did not fit into these patterns were observed. Responses were analyzed to identify patterns of feelings, attitudes and actions related by the respondents and results were compared with Kuhlthau's model.

Campello, B and Abreu, L.F.G.. (2005). Information literacy and the school librarian's education. School Libraries Worldwide, 11(1), 37-52.

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