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Findings: Using an information skills scaffold to complete an assignment, students� confidence varied at the start; they found using a concept map helpful when searching for information; they used a range of print and electronic sources of information; and they thought they would use the scaffold for future assignments.

Abstract: While there have been a large number of books, articles and reports on information literacy in schools, there is a lack of empirical evidence in relation to the use of information literacy models in schools, Wolf (2003) and Herring, Tarter and Naylor (2000 and 2002) being exceptions. The purpose of this study was to examine students' reflections on the information skills process following the use of an information skills scaffold (the PLUS model) during the completion of an assignment in a secondary school in the UK. Data was gathered via a post-assignment questionnaire given to students. Results show that students' confidence was variable at the start of the assignment; that students found the completion of a concept map to be generally helpful; that students generally found that completing a concept map had little effect on confidence; that students did use the concept map when searching for information; that students used a range of print and electronic sources of information; that students' preferences for using particular types of resources included both print and electronic sources; that students found the PLUS model to be helpful with their project; and that most students were prepared to consider using the model when completing future assignments.

Herring, J. (2006). A critical evaluation of year 7 students' reflections on the use of information skills when completing a curriculum related project. In The Multiple Faces of Literacy: Reading, Knowing, Doing -- IASL Reports, 2006: Selected Papers from the 35th annual conference of the International Association of School Librarianship, and the Tenth International Forum on Research in School Librarianship, Lisbon, Portugal, 3-7 July 2006. Ana Bela Martins, Antonio Pina Falcao, Elsa Conde, Isabel Andrade, Manuele Barreto Nunes, Maria Jose Vitorino, editors. International Association of School Librarianship, Erie (PA), USA, 2006. ISBN: 978-1-890861-32-2.

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