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Findings: In this paper the author focuses on the advantages of learning through practitioner investigations of their own programs. When practitioners bring to the surface issues and problems arising from actual classroom and library practices, they derive new understandings from then, translate these new understandings into performance, and extend the knowledge base of the profession.

Abstract: As critical partners in shaping quality learning experiences, school library media specialists have a major stake in examining their teaching practices through the lens of actual student behaviors. Empowerment results when they collaborate with fellow teachers in implementing strategies, reflecting on the results, and sharing them with the professional community. This paper focuses on the transformative nature of practitioner research. It describes a multi-year project to identify key components of effective teaching in collaborative elementary school classroom-library settings, and to translate this knowledge into practitioner-facilitated professional development alternatives.

Harada, V H. (2005) Librarians and teachers as research partners: Reshaping practices based on assessment and reflection. School Libraries Worldwide, 11(2), 49-72.

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