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Findings: The concept of information literacy is still evolving in the New Zealand education sector. Teachers are requesting professional development on information literacy as part of school library development as they move from learning about and with information and communications technology (ICT) to learning through ICT and shifting to a desire to promote higher-order thinking.

Abstract: A relational model of information literacy (Bruce 1997) has been used as a framework for examining national policies, teacher education, curriculum integration and assessment issues relating to information literacy and lifelong learning. Initiatives by a range of stakeholders are included to illustrate shared responsibility and support for the educational goals. Successful development of ICT capacity in schools and extension of technological skills of teachers have yet to be matched in teacher education by explicit, systematic attention to the broader requirements of information literacy. National curriculum documents imply an intention to ensure information literacy continues to be embedded in essential learning areas, but indications are that this is not translating evenly into teaching practice

Moore, P. (2006). Information literacy in the New Zealand Sector. School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 1-21.

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