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Findings: Standardized testing teaching strategies often result in de-motivating students to learn. By studying and understanding what motivates students to learn school librarians can work with teachers and schools to design instruction and create an atmosphere that will go beyond standards and test scores to build on identified and intrinsic interests.

Abstract: Lifelong learners are people who display an attitude and ability that prompts them to learn across their life spans. Even within the testing environment of U.S. schools today, a goal of library media specialists is to help children become "lifelong learners". The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) (Deci & Ryan, 1985) provides a framework for examining a positive disposition toward learning, or the motivation to learn ­the key attribute of a lifelong learner. Additional areas explored include contributions of school library research toward an understanding of student motivation, suggestions for further areas of study, and implications for school libraries.

Crow, S R. (2006). What motivates a lifelong learner? School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 22-34.

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