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Findings: School library policy can be used to empower school libraries. Empowerment can be generated by a symmetric dialogue between bureaucratic and professional organizations on the one hand, and the school library on the other: a dialogue where the school library also has a say in decision-making and is proactive.

Abstract: This paper has two aims. The first aim is to describe and discuss how the political school and library systems in Norway interact to improve school libraries and reading. Empowerment is introduced as an overarching concept, and legal based- and legitimacy based power as useful concepts to describe and discuss the interaction of the systems. The second aim is to present and discuss how the Norwegian plan "Make space for reading! Norwegian Strategy for stimulating a Love of Reading and Reading Skills, 2003–2007" focuses on empowering school libraries through selected strategic projects and financial support.

Rafste, E T., Saetre, T P. & Sundt, E. (2006). Norwegian policy: Empowering school libraries. School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 50-58.

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