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Findings: Guidelines for best practice and experience in the workplace emphasize the importance of the school library policy in consolidating the role of the library and the librarian in the school as a tool for advocacy, as an aid to evaluation and monitoring, as good management practice, and as a basis for further policy development.

Abstract: This paper stresses the importance of the school library policy for the management of secondary school libraries in England and Wales. It identifies the guidelines for best practice on producing a policy, key elements of the policy and the reasons that the policy is so important for the management of an effective school library service. The theory of the school library policy is assessed against practice in individual school libraries using research carried out by the author as part of a Masters dissertation, and other surveys of secondary school libraries which have addressed this issue. The paper concludes that many schools in England and Wales have not embraced the guidelines on the school library policy as a key management tool in the operation of the library.

Turner, R. (2006). The school library policy: The foundation for a professional school library service. School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 59-69.

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