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Findings: The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (South Korea) five-year master plan to enhance the overall strength of the school library system is a driving force behind the prosperity of school libraries in South Korea. Cooperation between local, provincial and national governments, local communities, and the private sector are expanding the school library movement.

Abstract: Until the 1990s, school libraries were a very low priority in the South Korean educational system. But, the Korean government has developed a five-year master plan for the improvement of school libraries. Likewise the government has been undertaking significant educational reform in order to cultivate creative human resources through open education and lifelong learning. The implementations of these educational reforms are based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education and the Seventh Educational Curriculum. In additions to these policies, non-governmental organization's (NGO's) activity was very effective in developing school libraries. Today, South Korea has a modern, well-developed school library system.

Han, Y O. (2006). Korea: A study of school library development. School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 70-80.

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