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Findings: In Hong Kong, information policy exists at the marco or national level, but at the school level it would appear that information policy development is a topic more talked about than understood.

Abstract: A project to develop a research instrument to study information policy in schools was conducted and part of that study, a literature review and a Hong Kong based study was completed to benchmark information policy practice in schools in Hong Kong. The authors found that information policy at a macro level was addressed well in the literature as governments address a quagmire of intellectual property, intellectual freedom, security, privacy and administrative issues. Information policy at the micro level ­in schools, was lacking. The purpose of this study was to investigate how the micro-level set of information policies is handled in schools. An online questionnaire administered to in-service teachers in Hong Kong provided findings that reinforced the authors' initial hunch that information policy is a topic more talked about than understood.

Henri, J., Lee, S., & Chan, A. (2006). Information policy for Hong Kong schools: The case of the missing chopsticks. School Libraries Worldwide, 12(1), 81-93.

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