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Alexander, L. B., & and Morton, M.L. (2007). Multicultural Cinderella: A Collaborative Project in an Elementary School. United States of America.

Abstract: This project was the result of a collaborative effort between the School of Library and Information Science and College of Education at the University of South Florida and the Egypt Lake Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. Versions of the Cinderella story from around the world were used in reading classes to stimulate awareness of cultural diversity and to serve as reading enrichment for 21 elementary students. According to feedback from students, reading teachers, library media specialists, and principal participants, the project resulted in students’ increased interest in cultures and learning of general content information. Formal research studies based on this exploratory project are recommended.

School Libraries Worldwide, 13(2), 32-45.

Subject categories: 3, 15

Abstract submitted by Rachel Pultusker, University of Michigan.

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