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Butler, R.P. (2007). Borrowing Media from Around the World: School Libraries and Copyright Law. United States of America.

This article examines worldwide copyright law from the point of view of the school librarian. Like many other countries, the United States belongs to a number of international copyright organizations involved in intellectual property issues within and beyond its boundaries. The goal of copyright compliance is considered using US intellectual property law as an example with the following questions as starting points. (a) Can students legally borrow music from the Internet to add to a class project if the selected Web site comes from a country other than their own? (b) Is it acceptable for a teacher to make class copies of an article that he or she read in a foreign journal for use in his or her classroom? (c) Are Internet entities such as blogs, wikis, and social interaction sites copyrighted? If so, how does this affect educators (and students) who use them? These examples will help readers to understand their responsibilities in relation to national and
international copyright laws.

School Libraries Worldwide, 13(2), 73-81.

Subject categories: 9, 17

Abstract submitted by Rachel Pultusker, University of Michigan.

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