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Chang, C.C., Liu, S.W., Tsai, C.H., & Fan, J.H. (2007). Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviors of Elementary School Student sin Taiwan-interviewed with Xin Sheng & Wan Fang elementary schools. Taiwan.

In this article, we mainly want to investigate the transition of the subjects of children’s information needs and we discuss the context behind those needs. Moreover, in order to more understand the education of information literacy in Taiwan, we deliberately set our two sample groups from two different schools. One school is Taipei Xin Sheng elementary which is not a information seed school, and another is Taipei Wan Fang elementary school, an information seed school. We respectively interviewed with the students of two schools. Then we analyzed the common of the two schools and so did the differences. The findings of our study are presented in five parts: stimulus, source, channels, ways and the result. Finally, the main purpose and recommend of our study emphasize the importance to improve education of information literacy on children in Taiwan.

Cyberspace, D-world, E-learning: Giving libraries and schools the cutting edge – IASL 2007 Conference Proceedings

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Abstract submitted by Rachel Pultusker, University of Michigan.

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