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Nagakura, M. (2007). An Analytical Evaluation of the School Library Home Page in Japanese Secondary Schools. Japan.

The content analyses of 151 school library home page in Japanese secondary schools were carried to examine their possibility and effectiveness as an instructional tool for information literacy development of the students. The possibility was proved, but the effectiveness was not verified by this study. The contentwise, secondary school library home page was informative, cultural, and instructive. The contents on junior high school level were mostly informative, while the contents on integrated junior/senior and senior high school levels were informative as well as instructive. Link collections were the most powerful features of school library Website.

Cyberspace, D-world, E-learning: Giving libraries and schools the cutting edge – IASL 2007 Conference Proceedings

Subject categories: 11, 16, 23

Abstract submitted by Rachel Pultusker, University of Michigan.

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