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Shoham, S., & Shemer-Shalman, Z. (2008). Web Sites and Digital Services in Israeli School Libraries: How is a Digital Environment Changing How School Libraries Work?

The Internet Age can lead to three possible scenarios for school libraries: status quo, change, or obsolescence. This study examines the ramifications of school library Web sites for the work done by Israeli school libraries and the services they provide. It is based on an analysis of the Internet sites of 78 school libraries in Israel, in-depth interviews with nine librarians in Israel, questionnaires completed by 22 librarians in the United States and other countries, and a review of literature on the subject. The findings of the study suggest that school libraries in Israel are in the status quo phase; however, there is a slight move toward the change scenario in which the library will continue to exist but will offer a different mix of services.

Subject categories: Evaluation/effectiveness (5), Information and communication technologies (ICTs) (9), Special populations (16)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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