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Friese, E. E. G. (2008). Popular Culture in the School Library: Enhancing Literacies Traditional and New

Abstract: In an evolving landscape of traditional and new literacies, the roles of the school library and teacher librarian are changing. In order to support instruction in multiple literacies, teacher librarians must rethink both collections and services. Materials featuring popular culture influences are explored for their relevance to several types of literacy instruction. The inclusion of popular culture materials in school library collections can support achievement in traditional literacy while facilitating connection with everyday literacy practices. Popular culture materials also provide instructional opportunities for critical media literacy as well as information literacy. Popular culture texts are worthy of inclusion in school library collections for reasons enhancing both pedagogy and enjoyment.

Subject categories: Collection managment, censorship (2), Information literacy, information processing models (10), Information sources and services (11)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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