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Sanford, K. (2008). Videogames in the Library? What is the World Coming To?

Abstract: Sophisticated and complex learning happens through multiple forms of literacy and text types; and while schools and classrooms are slowly embracing learning through new media, libraries are rapidly and increasingly restructuring in ways that support learning through new/alternative technologies and texts. Videogame play supports learning in many complex ways, encourages positive interaction with computers, the use of imagination, problem-solving skills, and enables opportunities for collaborative engagement; these types of learning are being recognized and supported in public libraries and can be utilized more effectively in today's school libraries. This article focuses on videogames as sites of literacy, entertainment, and socialization that engage many 21st century adolescents, and suggests how school libraries, as the hub of the school community, can support learning through a range of new types of texts and modes of learning.

Subject categories: Information literacy, information processing models (10), Information sources and services (11)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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