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Sakr, R., Nabhani, M., & Osta, I. (2009). Description and Evaluation of the Information Literacy Program in a Private School in Lebanon: A Case Study

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to describe the information literacy program offered through the library of a private elementary school in Beirut, to evaluate its effectiveness, and to formulate recommendations for improving library programs in similar schools. This was done through examining the components of the school library and the perceptions of librarians, teachers, students and parents related to the role of the school library. Study participants consisted of all students and teachers of second and fourth grades, 18 parents, and the librarian and assistant librarian. Data was collected through teacher questionnaires, semi-structured interviews with the librarian and assistant librarian, phone interviews with parents, and observations of student to librarian and teacher to librarian interactions during library class sessions. Results of the study showed the role of the school library in developing students’ information literacy skills and in motivating students to read. The librarian’s instruction as well as her positive attitudes towards students enhanced lessons and helped students learn information literacy skills. However, results from the observation sessions showed little interaction between teachers and librarian. Parents’ interviews revealed that most parents were not aware of the library program at their children’s school.

Subject categories: Evaluation/effectiveness (5), Information literacy, information processing models (10), Literacy, children's literature and reading (15), Special populations (16), Role issues (20)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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