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Schultz-Jones, B. A., & Ledbetter, C. E. (2009). Building Relationships in the School Social Network: Science Teachers and School Library Media Specialists Report Key Dimensions

This paper reports research results from a 2008 study of the social networks of school library media specialists (SLMS) in north Texas and a 2007/2008 survey of science teacher attitudes towards SLMS in north Texas. Analytic methodologies included: social network analysis, statistical analysis, and qualitative content analysis of interviews. Analyses of the results suggest that two key dimensions may provide a foundation for building relationships in the school social network: credibility and visibility. These dimensions may provide opportunities to strengthen the collaboration efforts between SLMS and science teachers. Future research will include proposals to develop collaboration skills and measure the impact of these efforts on student science achievement. With a national emphasis in the United States on requisite science literacy skills, efforts to strengthen cross disciplinary collaboration skills and opportunities should yield positive results.

Subject categories: Collegiality (3), Professional development (19)

Abstract submitted by Janice Newsum, Florida State University

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